Watch Girls' Generation's Final Music Video With Ex-Member Jessica, 'Divine'

Before Jessica Jung was kicked out of Girls' Generation for allegedly favouring a budding fashion career over her commitments to the group, she found time to shoot a music video for the repackaged version of the group's chart-topping Japanese hits compilation, The Best.

The music video for the album's lead single, the ballad "Divine," marks the 25-year-old's final appearance with the group -- which is ironic, because in it she wails, "we are always onnnnneeeeeeee!"

If you don't take it so literally, "Divine" is a fitting send-off to the group's nine-member line-up. The lyrics about gaining strength and overcoming adversity by coming together perfectly captures what Girls' Generation represented for seven years, even if that isn't the case any more.

Despite the drama between the members, their greatest hits album is currently No. 1 on Japan's daily albums chart, proving that their fanbase is still going strong.

Check out "Divine" below.

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