If you didn't rise before dawn with the rest of the Anglophiles of the world to witness the union of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, you clearly have no soul and don't believe in love (or you just like your sleep). Today's Royal Wedding is expected to be the most televised event in history, and thanks to the media blitz, you now have plenty of conversation topics at the ready. (Example: "What about that dress? Very Grace Kelly!") That is, unless you are a member of Jagged Edge. The group teamed up with Hot 97 duo Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg to celebrate today's nuptials, creating the "Royal Remix" to their 2000 track "Let's Get Married," one of our favorite wedding videos here at Popdust. The clip below shows the group goofing their way through the song, offering lyrics that express their true feelings about the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ("You're rich, white and British/We could care less").

Hater to the left, they just want to get married! But, yes, what about young Harry?