The British Cash Money singer typically churns out apocalyptic, dance hall videos—often with the help of Lil Wayne—but on "Where Do We Go," it's just him, a dark recording studio and his many feelings, set to a "Thugz Mansion"-like melody. After a heartbreak we do not have the pleasure of hearing or seeing, Sean is at a crossroads in his relationship, one that only form-fitting tank tops and uncontested games of pool can help figure out. His pained expressions and actions—throwing his notepad across the room in anguish—are a tad melodramatic for our liking, but he makes up for it all by straight up crooning into a single camera. (Did we mention those form-fitting tanks?) Visually, it's a vast improvement from the bargain basement "Hit The Lights" that dropped earlier this year. Watch the video below, and contemplate how anyone could bear making a face like that look so sad.