So "Let's Stay Togehter" is kinda Barack's all-time jam, huh? Hard to argue with that. Our president and his First Lady went for a spin last night at the Inaugural Ball to the strains of Al Green's signature jam, as performed by all-purpose diva-for-hire Jennifer Hudson. It sounded like J-Hud might break into "And I Am Telling You That I'm Not Going" during the song's slowed-down intro—and frankly, whenever Hudson starts singing, we're conditioned to sorta expect her to do that, for no reason—but the song quickly hits its groove, and even the millions of spectators filming the dance in the audience can't help but boogie a little.

One complaint, though: Why not get Green himself to sing his soul classic? Dude's still around, he's only 66, he even had a new ?uestlove-produced album not all that long ago. You're the president, man. If you can't go straight to the source, who can?