Watch Jennifer Hudson & 'The Color Purple' Cast Honor Prince

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The purple tears continue to flow this morning as the world grapples with the tragic passing of one of the greatest entertainers, songwriters and singers to ever walk the earth. Prince embodied artistry, musicality and love, and he has influenced countless rising stars and musicians through the years, whether they realize it or not. It is not his death yesterday (April 21) that we will remember, but his heart will forever live in ours.

After last night's show of The Color Purple on Broadway, the cast, including Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson and the angelic Cynthia Erivo, came out on stage to honor the legend the best way they know how: through glorious song. Taking on the iconic Purple Rain, the group soared to the rafters and blew the roof off. The entire Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre crowd, too, applauded, cried, cheered and sang along. It was one of the most chill-inducing moments in recent memory; to see an artist's lasting impacting on our world is a marvelous thing to behold.

Pop Legend Prince Dead At 57

Hudson also shared a sentimental story before the performance. “Not too long ago, [Prince] called me while we were here and asked me to come out to this event because he was writing his book and he told me you can bring your cast members along,” she shared. “We were honored to be in his presence one last time and we got to have that moment.”

Check it out below:

[PHOTO CREDIT: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty]

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