Jessie J has an amazing talent for being almost great. Elements of her video for "Nobody's Perfect" could be just right—look at the moment where she triggers small explosions while dressed up as an angel, or the whole general Tim Burton aesthetic. The video even makes sense, at least to the degree that you could expect a music video to make sense. The Dr. Luke protege sings a verse about saying the wrong thing in social situations while hosting what appears to be a steampunk dinner party, and she sings about wanting to turn back time while being menaced by clocks, an experience we can all relate to. But then her angel outfit makes her look like she should be named Liberty Spice, and her dinner party faux pas is just sort of leaning on a chandelier, and the set almost blows up but then doesn't, which just fundamentally misunderstands the appeal of explosions. There's even the title of the song. Why in the world isn't it "Pobody's Nerfect?" Jessie J: So close, yet so far away.