Watch Jorma From The Lonely Island Do A Sexy Dance For Lady Gaga


There's no denying Lady Gaga's music is great, but for someone who rarely makes her relationship status a conversation topic—and has been ignored by the media in that respect as a result—she's had plenty of suitors come calling this week. In what can only be explained by the science of pheromones or people's closeted saxophone/hair fetishes, Gaga has been the recipient of multiple public displays of affection from a random group of men. Sure, they haven't reached Drake and LeBron James-level of flirtation—Gaga has yet to reciprocate—but Jorma of The Lonely Island, today's man-in-waiting, knows exactly what the first dance at their wedding will look like, should he ever be so lucky. Check out his totally not so subtle attempts at seduction, below:

Hey, all the single ladies! Maybe if we just apply protruding bones to our faces, eat paper and throw around pretentious fashion jargon, all the boys will soon flock to us, too. It's worth a shot.

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