The release of Justin Bieber's holiday album might be only two weeks away, but that's like 70 in Belieber time. Rather than succumb to the pressure and release Under the Mistletoe early, The Bieb is standing strong against his fans' demands, while following the smooth and experienced ways of his mentor Usher. But if Mr. Raymond says it's OK to drop things ahead of their carefully crafted schedule, than that's totally fine. This is the guy who made "yeah" a successful pickup line, after all! "well @usherraymondiv made the call. looks like u guys get #CHESTNUTS on monday now from @RyanSeacrest and ITUNES> #3DAYS #OCT24th - LEggo!" Bieber wrote on Twitter Friday night, proving that even with all the success, he still respects his elders. So you'll have the Bieber and Usher version of timeless holiday classic "The Christmas Song," covered by everyone from Nat King Cole to Demi Lovato, on Monday. Since he's making his eager fans wait two more days, Bieber has gifted us with a new webisode that depicts the studio session for the track, complete with an appearance by his big brother. Watch below as the two bring their serious faces to the recording booth, breaking the fourth wall only once (and hint: it's not Bieber). Each takes his turn on the boards, while Biebs experiments with a bright blue beanie and Usher takes copious notes. If "so sick!" is any indication, we think you'll like this one.