Little did Justin Bieber know that becoming a pop star on the level of Justin Timberlake and not on the level of JC Chasez, Aaron Carter, Jesse McCartney--or whomever else was supposed to be that person--was tough. It required initiation. Timberlake did it, after all, back in the 'N Sync days, and if you're making spurious claims, you could say that the Nickelodeon-supplied goo somehow cleansed enough boy-band residue for Celebrity and the rest to happen. Then Timberlake got slimed again in 2007, which incidentally more or less coincided with his musical retirement.

The moral of that little story? If you're a Justin Bieber fan, this video is great news! But you never, ever want it to happen again. What the slime giveth, the slime can take away.