It's officially December now, not that nebulous time after Thanksgiving that everyone tries to make into unofficial December, so it's safe for you to look at holiday posts! As it turns out, a fair bit of the news this morning involves Justin Bieber, which is probably why you are reading this, so let's get to it.

In the first video, Bieber sings "The Christmas Song," or part of it, at Rockefeller Center as part of its annual tree-lighting ceremony.

Bieber also premiered his video for "All I Want for Christmas Is You," his collaboration with the ever-more-festive Mariah Carey song. Watch below as Bieber and his flash entourage (when you're Justin Bieber, you can command a flash-mob entourage just by showing up in a public place) go shopping for approximately all of Macy's inventory and all its product placement while both he and Mariah dance and--at least in Bieber's case--emote a lot. Can you guess the context of the screencap we have?

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