Watch: Justin Bieber Punches Fan in The Face

Why are all the pop stars on their worst behavior this week?

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What is going on in the world! Is last week's supermoon having some kind of lingering effect on our pop stars? Justin Bieber is the latest celeb to get violent this week, adding to his already storied history of violent outbursts.

So, what exactly happened?

The "What Do You Mean?" singer was being driven in Barcelona as a crowd of fans approached his car. One fan touched the pop star, sticking his hand in the car's open window as it slowly drove away, and quickly received a physical chastisement from Bieber.

The fan walked away from the car with a bloodied mouth, him and the crowd of fans reacting in shock at what just took place.

Watch Bieber get his Mike Tyson on below:

There are conflicting reports over exactly what occurred. On Twitter, Bieber fans are reporting that the victim had stated he was going to "punch Bieber", but Bieber had beat him to the punch (literally, hehe).

Then there are fans praising Bieber's fighting skills:

Bieber has become infamously known for his temper. This summer, the pop star faced the brunt of the internet when a fight of his was caught on tape. In the video, he can be seen throwing up a flurry of punches at a larger man before being thrown down to the ground.

Yikes! A lot of hands are being thrown this week. Kanye West was reported to have "tried to assault a gym staff worker" shortly before being hospitalized this week. Paramedics are said to have talked to West for up to two hours to convince him to hospitalize himself, LA Times reports.

Here's to hoping that over Thanksgiving weekend everyone gets it fully together and stops the unnecessary outbursts.