More from last night's All-Star Game: Known sports fan Justin Timberlake was spotted in Phoenix, and wrangled into doing an on-air interview during the game (although somehow we think they didn't have to twist his arm too far). Maybe it was because he was down by the stadium's pool, where only the most devoted of fans hang out, or maybe it was simply because he really doesn't like Joe Buck ("He's a classy guy, that Joe!"), but Timberlake went into an honest, snarky and probably drunken chat with former Cubs' player turned Fox Sports correspondent Mark Grace, making for one of our favorite interviews ever. With the recent news that he'll be part owner of MySpace, thus accepting the challenge to revamp the struggling social media site, what kind of revealing line of questioning would the businessman face? Only the important stuff. Among the serious topics discussed: beer. "It goes with a hot dog, it goes with nachos, it goes with peanuts. Beer is perfect," he explained. "Beer never got mad at me because I didn't call beer back!" The necessary additions to our JT video just keep coming! (And his movie is really good, in case you were wondering.)

Behold, The Tao of Timberlake: