Watch Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Crew Multiply Before Your Eyes in "Mercy"

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A lot has happened since Kanye West and Co. released "Mercy," the first track off their promised G.O.O.D. Music compilation, including trips to the Middle East, movie premieres at Cannes and marathon dates with a certain reality star. Luckily Kim Kardashian's lip dubbing skills were deemed ill-fitting for the style Yeezy and director Nabil were going for in the song's official video. The boastful track split among its four leads opts for black-and-white lenses and a skeleton set, with the titular automobile the flashiest character of them all.

We begin inside what might as well be a extremely efficient parking garage where some off-duty parking attendants are able to moonlight as musical valets. Kanye rocks the kilt that's become a Watch The Throne tour staple, while guest each plays around with the different stylistic permutations of a headscarf. It's all made even easier by the use of their clones and teleporting abilities—two things to add to Christmas List 2012—and perhaps a nod to the Cruel Summer desert wear he bestowed upon the film world's most influential last month. Yes, Big Sean is more covered up than we'd normally like to see, but he still supplies the ever important "swerve" motion that calls to mind Snoop and Pharrell's black and white moment of the early aughts. (2 Chainz is on air drum duty.) Fellow G.O.O.D. member Kid Cudi pops up for a brief jam session, dancing on his own in the corner as the bass and synth build to Kanye's verse. After carefully watching over his flock and providing menacing stares into the camera, Yeezy resorts to a lot of hand motions as his many minds and egos start to multiply before our eyes. The power of DONDA is real.

We've never felt the words of Robyn were limited to girls-only experiences, but if the men out there need something different to help unleash unapologetic dance parties, please, please let this video be your guide. It'll be hard to replicate the same badassery displayed at least eight times over, but we welcome you to try. So on Cudi, on Yeezy, on Pusha, on Chainz. Feel free to dance on your own with or without your clones, whatever makes you feel more at ease.


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