Watch Kelly Rowland And Big Sean's "Lay It On Me" On Jimmy Kimmel Live

What's the best way to pun this? Here they are. Kelly Rowland and Big Sean laid it on Jimmy Kimmel Live, certainly. A great deal of the crowd got a great deal of motivation out of the performance. And after that... we've got basically nothing. Kelly sings the first verse while sitting on top of her dancers, which probably means the elephant was over production budget. Big Sean does as well as you think he would. His pants are the brightest thing on the stage.

But honestly now, "Lay It On Me" has been thoroughly laid onto radio and streaming by now. It's been months! There are at least three excellent follow-up tracks on Here I Am, and while we're not advocating the breakneck, borderline-rushed paces of certain other artists, there's only so much we can write about this song. Maybe you can help! Watch it below:

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