Watch Kris Allen Make 'Waves' In His New Music Video

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Kris Allen unpacks his entire life in satisfyingly intimate ways on his new record, the appropriately titled Letting You In. The project stands at only 10 tracks, but the singer-songwriter makes every second, every lick of the guitar and every vocal tick count. For one of the album's standout moments, the rhythmic adult-pop stunner Waves, Allen issues a glossy music video laced with soft blues and greens and centered around a swimming pool.

"Well, someone told me 'watch out,' and another told me 'run.' And I don't know if this is what I need, but God, it's all I want," he sings over layered drums and delicate pop drips. "But she is my hurricane, and I, I am her ocean and we could make the biggest waves."

Watch the video below:

Popdust spoke with Allen last month about the album, which, as we reviewed, fits together like a jiggle-saw puzzle into a vivid, complex and cohesive whole. "This is the second time I’ve done a record with just one producer or one team of producers. I think it is really essential to what I do. I don’t feel like I write into one genre. I’m never going to. I enjoy so many different types of music, whether it be African music or R&B or country. My influences come from everywhere. I write songs, and then, I get into the studio and there is the same people playing and producing in the same studio. It all has this cohesiveness to it, but you don’t get bored."

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Allen relocated to Nashville several years ago, and he admits the culture there has rubbed off on him tremendously. "There is this sense of community here that I have never experienced. There are so many people doing the same thing that are really, really talented. There could be this crazy sense of competition in the city, but there’s not. Everyone is rooting for everyone. When you meet people who are doing the same thing and are really complimentary of what you do, there comes this sense of confidence. Not that I haven’t had confidence before, but you’re getting this validation from your peers of what you are doing. That’s really nice to have."

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