Watch Lady Bringing Up the Rear for the Week in Viral Videos

Asses, in the air, and lots of 'em—entire empires have been built on less. A simple governing principle, no doubt, and one that rapper Lady (of "Yankin'" maybe-fame) gets close to the maximum potential out of in her new video for "Twerk." The video sees Lady and her specifically-talented ladyfriends shaking what their mamas and modern science gave them, in all sorts of impressive positions and contexts. (The handstand twerking...I mean, how is that even possible?) "He like it when I twerk it," ceaselessly raps Lady on the song's chorus. "So I'ma twerk it." And who are we to argue with that, really?

We don't really need to specify what social contexts this video is or is not safe for, do we? Ugh, fine.