"Marry the Night" is one of Lady Gaga's few singles not to prostrate itself with Catholic guilt, so obviously she went inside a confessional on the U.K. X Factor stage to sing it. It also contains zero lines about severed heads, which is why Gaga's costume involved one of them. (She un-severed it later, don't worry.) What it does contain is a lot of pretty powerful singing, which she pulled off nicely. Certainly among the better X Factor performances we've seen, U.S. or Brit.

After singing, Gaga dropped a few other updates, one of which will probably only make sense to Brits who watch their own X Factor. First: Lady Gaga's both heard of and hugged contestant, controversy magnet and former Gaga impersonator Kitty Brucknell, now eliminated; and she'll be going to the U.K. next year on tour, a tour for which she's already designed the set. So fast! Someone's listening to Rihanna's manager. One could even say the rush has made her lose her head. (Sorry. We had to.)