Supposedly, Lady Gaga will get 18 animated outfits when she's a character on The Simpsons during the show's May 20 episode. We now have a promo, and we've now seen three of those outfits. (Four, technically, if you count the fluffy cloud pageant gown from that first link, but that's just a still.) 18 outfits, of course, is only a fraction of Gaga's cumulative wardrobe to date. Weird Al, when he did this sort of thing, wore dozens more and still only covered a fraction. So because there's absolutely nothing to say about the dialogue in the promo--hopefully Fox is saving the better material for later--let's do a style check.

Lady Gaga propelled by four-and-twenty bluebirds. The natural result of Zooey Deschanel meeting Princess Ke$ha and having a balloon incident, possibly. It's plausible, OK? We have just established prime conditions for a balloon incident.

Lady Gaga with flamethrowers strapped to her chest. A reference to this plus the "Bad Romance" video, naturally. Plus, she can fly like Superman. This may or may not become a plot point.

Lady Gaga, indignant in a meat dress. OK, maybe these didn't need detailed annotations after all.