You know, it's going to be downright bizarre for people decades later to try to square "You and I"'s Southern rock with the charts' more typical party rock. So we thought while hearing the track again in Lady Gaga's latest Haus of U video. Like previous entries in the Haus of U series, there is near-nudity. Unlike those two entries, it mostly belongs to Jo Calderone, who brings his permanent cigarette and strategically deployed duct tape to those sort of proceedings.

One thing, though: At 1:32, I do believe that is Jo Calderone's middle finger! Entire nationwide scandals have been built on such a thing. Between that and the stripping, all we need to do is get Lady Gaga to the Super Bowl next year (not entirely impossible), have this video be re-enacted, and let a scandal unfold the likes of which the institution has never seen.