Watch Lady Gaga's Death-Defying Dance Around Some Guillotines

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Gaga once again defies basics laws of safety during her appearance on Germany's Next Top Model. (It always makes us laugh that German television shows actually resemble Sprockets.) Things were normal enough to start, as Gaga catered to the hometown crowd by opening with her Deutsch-loving "Schisse," followed by a piano take on "Born This Way." (We wonder what they thought of her German accent?) But Gaga could never pass up an opportunity to be outrageous, particularly on European television (no rules!), so to top penis shoes and nipple tape, "The Edge of Glory" saw her dancing through rows of guillotines labeled "fashion," "sex" and "vanity," as shirtless male dancers threw stray bills around the stage. ("Government Hooker," indeed.) Gaga gets a little too close to these death machines for our liking, although we suppose that's that "edge" she keeps singing about? Regardless, Frau Klum, and likely Marie Antoinette, approve.

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