Lady Gaga really is doing things other than the tour/silence/tour/silence cycle! Sort of. This interview, on The Conversation, was recorded last year--you can piece that together from style and previews, or notice the part where she says she's 25--so it doesn't violate her deliberate, conspicuous, much-ado-about-it media silence. But it's just now out, and you can watch it here. A few excerpts, so you know what you're in for:

On love: "Divorce is not an option for me. I'm going to get married, and that's it, he's stuck with me... I've seen my mother and father stick it out. There was a time when I was younger when I really thought they got divorced. They were fighting all the time. My mother was a mess, my father was a mess... but now they're in love more than they ever were in their life. They're so happy. And that's what I want. I want to eventually find a man that feels the same way. ... If you're laying in bed next to someone who really doesn't make you feel like the goddess that you are, you need to rediscover what it is that you truly want and need."

On drugs: "I just remember one night being in the shower. I was bent over in the shower, and I had the cold water on, coming down. I'd just done so much, I didn't even feel good. I felt like crap. I had a thing of Nyquil, and I had the water going, and I was drinking the Nyquil thinking 'Jesus, Lord in heaven, please just let me live through the night." ... I sort of f---ing woke up one day and said, 'You're an asshole. You're not an artist. If you were a real f---ing artist, you'd be focused on your music."

On some kind of Rhonda Byrne kick: "If you're projecting anything menacing, or of an agenda, or negativity towards others, those are the things that you're going to receive back. But if you project love and acceptance and tolerance into the universe, you will receive that."

One more thing. Yes, this video is really long. Not all of it is Gaga-related, but quite a bit is. But don't think of it as being willing to devote umpteen minutes to your Lady Gaga fandom. Think of it as all the minuscule Lady Gaga news you might've been getting this time next year, in one big substantive chunk. Substantive is good.