We got word that Glee would be covering Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" on Friday, and because we live in a world that hates surprises, we now have a first look at Jesse and Rachel's not so dramatic reunion in tonight's "Prom Queen" episode. Fittingly, it all takes place in the McKinley theater with Jesse sneaking up on Ms. Berry (where else would he know to find her?) as a group of unassuming (yet vocally talented) stage crew members paint sets behind them. Rachel seems to have learned not to trust her suave duet partner (look at that unfortunate scarf), and delivers a delightfully cold—and probably rehearsed—"Hi Jesse" when it's all over. Good girl.

We've already gushed over the song—any pairing of Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff is always satisfying, as is any chance to talk about Adele—but does it play out the way you'd hoped? And how does "Rolling in the Deep" compare to "Hello" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart," Rachel and Jesse's duets from season one?