Let Kanye catch heat for ripping off impenetrable French films—Lil Wayne is a man of the people! His new video for "6 Foot 7 Foot" is a Hype Williams-directed tribute to summer blockbuster Inception. Props to Hype because the thing looks exactly like Inception down to the earthquakey camerawork and slow-mo action sequences (and lack of Oscars). The only downside? Williams seems intent on doing literal interpretations of Wayne's lyrics. Wayne acts out losing his mind (gross!), he's "running shit" on a racetrack, he "beats up the beat" up on a punching bag. He says "Father Time" and we see a grizzled old black dude (Mother Nature for some reason is a white chick with a flower in her hair). Seriously, this thing is exactly like a Robert Palmer video from 1981. Also, why is there a CGI French bulldog for two seconds? Wouldn't it have been cheaper to just cast a real French bulldog?

So, yeah, for every cool part there's about two dorky parts... but, hey, maybe Weezy just dreamed it.