Tha Carter IV might not be hitting stores this summer, but Lil Wayne made it up to his fans who braved the crowds and traffic at Hot 97's Summer Jam, by giving a debut performance of third single "How To Love" on Sunday. Watch below, as Weezy croons his way through the soulful track with surprising smoothness and restraint. And while we can still see your eye rolls at "Lil Wayne acoustic ballad" even through the various levels of the Internet, trust us when we say that watching this short clip furthers our belief that "How To Love" actually works. (Unlike someone else's recent prog-rock experiment.) Still hating? What, would you rather listen to the latest from Norway?

Weezy was also joined by Rick Ross and Drake—someone was able to pull him away from the Heat-Mavs game?!—for "I'm On One." (Rick Ross' open shirt FTW!) Do these servings of Weezy live satisfy your Lil Tunechi cravings, or only make you more upset over Tha Carter IV's delay?