So much for proper scheduling. LMFAO was joined by Far*East Movement in Stockholm, Sweden on Wednesday night to bring their shuffling, high flying lifestyles to the Scandinavian sect. And because collectively they make up 2/3 of their new song "Live My Life," they decided to perform it live. Without Monsieur Bieber. The Nordic are such pleasant people, why disappoint them? The song itself is bookended by Bieber's echoey chorus, with staccato woo-ooh-oohs emphasizing his blanket statement that all will be fine if he just does what he wants, which is the quintessential mantra of every almost 18-year-old. Footage from the recent show reveals that RedFoo and SkyBlu have indeed found their party compatriots in the spastic, celebratory dancing. We can relate to the anonymous fellow walking aimlessly across the stage chugging a long neck, and maybe the dude with the funnel as well. (No judgment.) Hopefully Bieb is not too angry that he missed out—the boys just love Sweden too much! Watch below.