With a cushy spot on a Golden Globe-winning hit like Glee and an opening gig on the NKOTBSB tour this summer, it's hard to believe that anything once ruffled Matthew Morrison's perfectly coiffed and overly gelled mane. Yet as Mr. Schuester will have you know, things weren't always so perfect. Perhaps in attempts to gain some cool points and shake his Glee image (yet not to the point of anonymity!) Morrison made his fictional professional life the subject of a new Funny Or Die video. "The Matthew Morrison Story" depicts the song and dance man's days before Glee, which included many a misdirected audition for films like Pulp Fiction and American History X, and several failed musical TV pilots (Plea, Flee and Flea) that were probably better off without the music. (Of course we really know what he was doing before the Fox series got picked up.) Morrison hams it up alongside former "costars" Rebecca Mader and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, but the biggest laughs come both from and at the expense of Chace Crawford, who owes each one of his very defined abs to Morrison. We'd put money on that being the only non-scripted line from the whole thing. You're so pretty, Nate.

Watch the video below. The Morrison as a destitute, beanie-wearing street performer strumming a ukulele bit is a sign that he reads Popdust, right? Great! Now go ahead and officially retire "Over The Rainbow."