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Watch Meghan Trainor's Ultra-Sexy 'No' Music Video

We say "yes" to "No."

Meghan Trainor licks her lips, swings those hips in her brand new "No" music video.

Backed by a slew of empowering women, the pop megastar drops the beat and uncages an angry, ferocious anthem. "Girl, all you gotta say name is No. My sign is No. My number is No," she advises in fishnet stockings and a bedazzled corset. The singer, known for her self-loving hits like "All About That Bass" and "Lips Are Moving," sheds all her doubts, any sense of subtlety and proclaims her dominance.

Hear Meghan Trainor's New Groovy Throwback Single, 'No'

The clip (below) also features swiftly simple dance moves and countless other provocative outfits—seriously, Trainor has gone from girl-next-door to full-on, look-at-me bombshell! It was directed by Fatima Robinson (Fergie, Fifth Harmony and several previous Trainor videos) and Barnaby Roper (Kanye West, David Bowie).

"No" samples Trainor's forthcoming sophomore album called Thank You (out May 13). Producer Ricky Reed recently revealed a few juicy details to Popdust. “Once we had 'No,' we banged out a few more songs. It began to put the album under a new lens," he said. "We thought 'what makes sense next and what feels better now than it did before the context of the album and what doesn't work anymore?' It was a tough process. Meghan loves all of her songs so much, and I love that about her. It was hard for her to severe any of those. They are all very, very special to her. We had so much great music to choose from."

Meghan Trainor Approves Of This Badass 'Lips Are Movin' Piano Cover—Watch Now!

He added, “Meghan was raised around a lot of soca music and other Caribbean styles from when she was very young. She has an uncle who played her a lot of that music. She really has this strange understanding of great soca music. We tried to weave some of that into the record. There is a lot of influence taken from gospel and funk and some of her old Nashville sound. It's a very loud, very emotional album."

Hear Meghan Trainor's New Groovy Throwback Single, 'No'

Trainor's "No" is available now on iTunes.

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