We've heard the 18-year-old try he hand at legends like Nirvana and Fleetwood Mac on recent tour stops (which suggests she's been digging through her dad's record collection) but now Destiny Hope has decided to break things down in a more contemporary way. She surprised her crowd with a rendition of "On Melancholy Hill" by Gorillaz during her show in Perth, Australia on Saturday, attempting to put an even more emotional spin on the Plastic Beach track with each word she fumbled through. But it wasn't just to show her range as a performer or her knowledge of other musical genres. No, Cyrus was letting her love flow freely, dedicating the song to Jen and Ryan (two of her dancers) and their impending marriage. (So you can credit any lyrical flubs by Cyrus to the glass case of emotion she was trapped in at the time.) Slow dancing to a Miley Cyrus song (on stage, in front of thousands) is every loving couple's dream, right?

At this point her covers are becoming more memorable than her original songs. What artist would you like to see Cyrus (fail to) conquer next? And the winner is... (It's time to put your money where your mouth is.)