Because she's now an old pro at the age of 18, Miley Cyrus is experienced enough to complain about the current state of the industry (and its newcomers like Rebecca Black) as well as tackle some of the greatest songs of all time that "inspire" her (remember it's Miley's world, y'all!). Cyrus tackled Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" during her performance from Quito, Ecuador on Friday, as part of her international Gypsy Heart tour. Ah, where to begin? There's the leather chaps and the frenetic kicking (reminiscent of Elaine Benes' unforgettable moves on Seinfeld), but really nothing about this performance can erase the strange bedfellows that are Cyrus and the late Kurt Cobain. An "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" duet with Rock of Love star Bret Michaels? Sure. But covering the classic from Nevermind? We have to believe Kurt is rolling—or just laughing, very loudly—in his grave.

In case you're too lazy to do the math, Miley was approximately negative one when "Smells Like Teen Spirit" first hit the radio in 1991.