With popsicles, ice sculptures and a swimming pool, Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" video has us ready to break out the barbecue and officially kick off our summer (although we're not too sure the pink stuff in the pool is actually water. Pepto Bismol perhaps?). Young Money's resident barbie lives in a candy-coated world, with her crew of scantily clad dancers (cutoff shorts are clearly making a comeback this season), and shows us her softer side in the new video. She's all smiles and synchronized dance moves, playfully bouncing to the song's catchy "boom badum boom boom badum boom" chorus (with perfect timing, might we add) instead of fighting to be heard amongst a group of her male counterparts. But that's not to say she isn't fierce. Nicki rocks three different wigs (blonde, pink and green) and a killer pink leopard print catsuit while riding a (frozen) motorcycle (you don't always get two female biker videos in one day). Add a few ripped shirtless friends and some Day-Glo and we now have the inspiration for our Memorial Day party. Thanks for the ideas, Barbz!

Catch the bubbly feel of "Super Bass" below.