Nicole Scherzinger gets a lot of flak. Some of it has reason, like the weird, semi-offensive "me like" stuff in her single "Right There." Some of it has less reason, like the fact that she was a Pussycat Doll (the world does not contain enough "whatevers") or the fact that she actually wants her career to take off (what a crime!)

At any rate, Scherzinger wanting her career to take off involves her appearing on what's starting to look like every major reality show, including what's going to be a contractual string X Factor appearances. This week? So You Think You Can Dance, performing said single that by now you either love, despise with every cell of every pore or are just sick of. There's really no reason to think any more TV performances will change anybody's opinion. But hey--maybe you're the one person who can still be swayed by this crop-top-and-choreography collision!