Nina Sky, depending on who you read, is either that group who did "Move Ya Body" or the women who guested on a bunch of dance and witch house tracks. Regardless of who you read, though, new single "Day Dreaming" is fantastic; imagine if mid-'00s Timbaland took his skittish, snapping production to the dreamier, moodier 2010s soundscape where something like "I'm On One" can get huge. (The synths on the chorus are dead ringers for that track's hook.)

The tense, unfulfillable relationship narrative's equally welcome--lines like "I wanna make sure we meet later in my dreams, even though you’re not the one laying with me" and "I close my eyes to find you, you’re my little secret, whenever I decide to, that's the way we’ll keep it" will resonate for somebody--and the video's equally tense. One moment you're hopping subway turnstiles and clasping hands on the sidewalk; the next, you're nothing to one another. You don't even have to have a twin for it to happen, and either way, there's not going to be a resolution. Watch below.