The point of Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Paris" is essentially "All this is really happening to us. How is all this even happening to us? The culture's stacked against any of this happening to us, and yet it is. Cool." Having the song be used for an actual French campaign ad must be even more surreal then, right? The video depicts Francois Hollande, who's challenging incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy, visiting the French suburbs; it's more of a viral campaign ad than something official, it's pretty clearly targeting younger voters, and there's something almost perfect about France picking up this particular track. (It does mean, though, that we're due for even more hand-wringing about the song mentioning brands or whatever, so maybe "perfect" is the wrong word.)

(If the political aspect interests you more than the Throne, here's a decent primer. You could watch the ad, too, but it's in French. We're just saying.)

Research from University of Adelaide yields new findings on obesity. website all fish oil benefits

Heart Disease Weekly January 4, 2009 According to recent research published in the British Journal of Nutrition, "Dietary fish oil supplementation and regular physical activity can improve outcomes in patients with established CVD. Exercise has been shown to improve heart rate variability (HRV), a predictor of cardiac death, but whether fish oil benefits HRV is controversial." "Obese adults at risk of future coronary disease have impaired HRV and may benefit from these interventions. We evaluated the effect of DHA-rich tuna fish oil supplementation with and without regular exercise on HRV in sedentary, overweight adults with risk factors for coronary disease. In a randomised, double-blind, parallel comparison, sixty-five volunteers consumed 6g fish oil/d (DHA 1.56g/d, EPA 0.36 g/d) or sunflower-seed oil (placebo) for 12 weeks. Half of each oil group also undertook regular moderate physical activity (3 d/week for 45 min, at 75 % of age-predicted maximal heart rate (HR)). Resting HR and the HR response to submaximal exercise were measured at weeks 0, 6 and 12. In forty-six subjects, HRV was also assessed by power Spectrum analysis of 20 min electrocardiogram recordings taken supine at baseline and 12 weeks. Fish oil supplementation improved HRV by increasing high-frequency power, representing parasympathetic activity, compared with placebo (P=0.008; oil X time interaction). It also reduced HR at rest and during submaximal exercise (P=0.008 oil X time interaction), There were no significant fish oil X exercise interactions," wrote D.M. Ninio and colleagues, University of Adelaide (see also Obesity).

The researchers concluded: "Dietary supplementation with DHA-rich fish oil reduced HR and modulated HRV in keeping with an improved parasympathetic-sympathetic balance in overweight adults with risk factors for future coronary disease." Ninio and colleagues published their study in British Journal of Nutrition (Docosahexaenoic acid-rich fish oil improves heart rate variability and heart rate responses to exercise in overweight adults. British Journal of Nutrition, 2008;100(5):1097-1103). see here all fish oil benefits

For additional information, contact P.R. Howe, University of Adelaide, Discipline Physiol, School Molecular & Biomedical Science, Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia.

The publisher's contact information for the British Journal of Nutrition is: Cambridge University Press, Edinburgh Bldg, Shaftesbury Rd., CB2 8RU Cambridge, England.