Watch Part Of Kanye West's Canceled Puppet Show "Alligator Boots"

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Alligator Boots is not Kanye West's crowning artistic achievement. It's not even really a complete achievement, considering that the Rhymefest-affiliated puppet show was canceled before it would have aired on Comedy Central. But this is the Internet, where not everything is made available but a lot sure is, and Konee Rok has posted about 10 minutes of behind-the-scenes footages of what might have been.

Florida Man Eaten By Alligator While Hiding From Police

What might have been, in this case: Kanye West's "sci-fi musical" where he wears a Stormtrooper getup and a somehow-still-timely Kim Kardashian wears the one Princess Leia outfit Star Wars non-geeks can recognize, Kanye West generally being written as a diva, and lots of puppets making lots of NSFW jokes, some tied to assorted puppetized historical figures. If all that didn't seem coherent, it's because this is a behind-the-scenes video and probably would make a lot more sense had Alligator Boots ever aired. But hey, historical Kanye!

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