Watch Patrick Stump (Awesomely) Cover Big Boi's (Equally Awesome) "Shutterbugg"

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We're into the holdovers from Billboard's Mashup Monday series of covers--it officially ended when summer did--but considering that Patrick Stump's got his solo album to make the rounds for, it only makes sense that he'd be going on the series now. And thank goodness he did; the day got a bit better.

Yes, at the most basic, context-free level, this is Yet Another Acoustic Cover of a rap song. But that level ignores two critical facts: "Shutterbugg" is a fantastic song, and Stump's version of it is more than three drippy guitar/piano notes and a distancing sneer. (We're not naming names because we'd like to keep this to one page.) Or put another way--even if you're not quite as on board with Patrick Stump or "Shutterbugg" as some people are, you've still got a decent chance of liking this. It's just a few minutes, either way. A few great ones.