Did you know that every writer at Popdust went through mandatory statistics training before they started here? Nope! No, you didn't know that, because that totally didn't happen. However, we can say, with the stats training we don't technically have, that 75% of you reading this will have taken the following photo: one old photo of you, maybe a baby picture or something out of the old photo catalogs when they were on paper and not on Instagram (now worth $1B!), juxtaposed with your older self in the same place and the same pose. I've done it. (Me, right. I was 14, maybe?)

That's the theme of photographer Irina Werning's much-linked "Back to the Future" series, and the photos there are the theme of the video for "Bittersweet Melodies" singer-songwriter Feist, who knows a lot about wistfulness. (Check out "The Park," for instance.) This particular song, from current album Metals, accurately titled; it's bittersweet and melodic and an appropriately pleasant listen for the photos on display. Watch below.