It's almost one week later, but perhaps no one is feeling as outraged over Pia Toscano's elimination from American Idol than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The dramatic pausing, those tears, that quivering lower lip! Sure, "Tom Brady Recaps American Idol: Pia Dismissal" is actually the work of the creative minds at, who've cut last week's Idol episode with ESPN's Brady-centric Year of the Quarterback documentary, but still, take Brady's emotion over almost not being drafted by the NFL and apply it to Pia's early exit, and you've got the ugly cry much of the country was displaying last Friday. "It was just a tough day, you know?"

Sadly, even if Brady ended up as an insurance salesman, married to Pia, they'd still be two of the best looking "failures" in your hometown. Between this and his throwback Bieber haircut, Mr. Gisele Bündchen is really getting in touch with his feminine side. Imagine what he'll look like if the impending NFL lockout actually happens?