P!nk's video for "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" isn't quite a stylistic match for the single's sound--you'd expect raucous, not polished here--but we like it well enough. The clip's like a classic movie, but not. It's filmed in black-and-white and soft-focus, heavily lit and heavily stylized, until Pink throws her glass of red wine at her guy in a burst of color. It's pleasant and old-fashioned, sometimes centuries-old, set at picnics and balls and picturesque weddings, until Pink throws her glass of red wine around and says "shit." (Both of these are things that people did in fact do centuries ago, often and enthusiastically, but never mind that.) It is, however, thoroughly P!nk, which means that said wedding eventually turns into this:

What you are looking at, for the record, is the blood of an exploding heart. Yep, it's a P!nk video. Watch it below.