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Watch: Premiere Trailer for Amazon x Studio Ghibli TV Series Ronia, the Robber's Daughter

Amazon nabbed an exclusive American run of Studio Ghibli's newest TV animation project and it looks pretty rad.

Why are thieves on TV so cool? A better question is how did they get so much cooler than their real life counterparts? Especially considering how real life thieves are so... not cool. They're usually kinda gross and toothless and ravenously searching for drug-money hawkable goods. Far from the smooth criminals of our imaginative history. From Robin Hood to Catch That Kid we've got way cooler TV bandits than real-life ones. Well, they're a lot like spies. Except they don't serve the government. They're like rogue spies that use stealth and cunning and tip-of-the-blade luck to come out on top for themselves. Now, thanks to Amazon Prime's streaming service and the legendary Studio Ghibli, we can add another group of lovable larceners to our collective imagination with Ronia, the Robber's Daughter.

Originally produced in 2014, Ronia is about a young girl in a medieval-esque Europe who's clan is one of famous robbers. This forces her to adapt a slightly different life from those of other children her age. She's no doubt keen to physical skills they've never dreamed of and, of course, she has to avoid their sworn enemies. But that can't keep her away from Birk, a boy from said enemy clan. With Studio Ghibli at the helm and Amazon Prime working towards localization, what could go wrong?

They've got a bit of a janky animation style set out for the show (think Netflix's horrendous, unforgivable Ajin: Demi-Human), but of course to a far lesser extent. That and the American release via Amazon is being advertised as English dubbed rather than subtitled, which leads me to believe that Amazon is planning on marketing the show primarily towards children. That could be a major mis-estimation of the American market for Studio Ghibli, but I'm sure Amazon has crunched the numbers.

Judge it for yourself. It did, after all, win an international children's Emmy award for best animated series. Ronia, the Robber's Daughter premieres January 27th on Amazon's streaming service.

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