Watch Rebecca Black Make The Yankees' Curtis Granderson Cry

With baseball season eight days away, the league's best and brightest need to make sure that they're ready for opening day in all facets of their game. That includes working all the hitches out of their swing, getting their lateral quickness back in the field, practicing their home-run celebration rituals, and perhaps most importantly, choosing their at-bat music.

Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson clearly understands the weight behind such a decision, as illustrated in a recent video from sports comedy troupe 12 Angry Mascots. In the clip, Granderson browses through songs in his iTunes library, prefacing each song with his imaginary call at Yankee Stadium ("Now batting...Number 14...Curtis Granderson"), but finding nothing satisfactory. He passes on ABBA, Pete Townshend and the Step By Step theme, among others, until he stumbles onto the song he's sure will finally be the one--Rebecca Black's "Friday," which makes him break down in tears.

Is he just exhausted from the disappointment? Overcome with joy at finding the perfect song? Depressed about feeling hopelessly out of touch with the internet memes of current times? 12 Angry Mascots leave it up to your interpretation. But suffice it to say, with Rebecca Black's reign of terror extending to all forms of our popular culture, it seems inevitable that the world of pro sports will soon fall under her domain as well.

(Also, Curtis Granderson has DJ Kaos and Fever Ray in his iTunes? We knew we always liked him.)

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