They're calling it a "short film"—it was shot by some New York photographer so I guess they have to—but really, it's a dolled-up commercial for Armani that Rihanna stars in. It's well-made, if a little bit ridiculous: A driver makes some kind of automobile-to-automobile transaction in a shady parking lot (like there's any other kind), which turns out to be for an outfit of Armani clothes for the driver's boss, Rihanna. In the back seat of her car, Ri changes out of her dress and into the Armani jeans and jacket (in lovingly photographed detail, of course), then gets out and walks to the lot elevator, where she shares A Moment with a guy dressed in a similar getup. (She's blonde now, by the way, which leaves Marge Simpson Blue and Sinead O'Connor Invisible as the only hair shades the pop star has yet to assimilate.)

It's worth watching, and besides, you probably haven't seen Rihanna in her underwear in, like, weeks.


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