Despite her very public displays of affection for a certain Canadian, Selena Gomez is also just a girl with a crush, and yesterday she officially got LaBeoufed. (Well, not that kind of LaBeoufed. We hope.) Despite her own fame, Gomez is not immune to getting starstruck. So in a move organized by each star's PR team (ah, must be nice) Selena was lured into the hallway under the impression her fans were waiting, before being ambushed by LaBeouf (which, sleazy comments aside, is not a bad surprise). As the two exchange hellos and pose for pictures, you can see the inner fangirl seething underneath Gomez's plastered grin. Afterwards (as the camera continues to roll), she complains about feeling mortified, yet wasn't too embarrassed to post the video on Twitter, along with the description "Best....Day.....Ever." Uh oh, should The Bieb be worried?

Watch the cute video below, as Gomez freaks out like any true 19-year-old would. Do you think Shia has a copy of her album? (His vague and general responses of "Nice to meet you" and "You're very sweet" have us leaning towards no, but that could change.)