With the charts shuffling the same twenty artists among various singles, it might be time for a reminder that Shakira's gone absolutely nowhere, and last year's Sale e Sol has a lot of good material despite only really placing high in the U.S. on the Latin charts. If you've missed out, "Loca" is a good place to start, but it's also old news; she's on single three now, the Pitbull-assisted "Rabiosa," and the video's well worth watching.

The song itself really deserves to cross over, but barring that, the video's got plenty of standalone highlights:

- Shakira's brunette bob! It's a good look for her, even if she's practically unrecognizable for much of the video. We really like the fringy green dress, too.

- Shakira likes to party with confetti, silly string and bathtubs full of playpit balls. Every kid's dream! Well, that least that part is, because...

- There's also a tad of pole-dancing. OK, more than a tad. A lot of watchers are trying to make this a Big Thing (complete with at least a few comparisons to Rihanna's "S&M," because apparently it's impossible to talk about female musicians and sexuality without Rihanna somehow being involved.) But it's not stunning at all, for a few reasons:

1) It's nothing the "She Wolf" video didn't have, not to mention any dance routine in half the music videos recorded since the history of music videos.

2) Shakira can dance! Of course, we all knew that, but still.

3) Shakira is a global superstar, and if she wants to pole dance, she's damn well got the right. Respect.