Today in trending topics: one certain "Conceited," which upon slight investigation is the work of one Soulja Boy Tell 'Em. Specifically, it's a video, posted today to World of Hip Hop.

If you're expecting a departure from Soulja Boy's signature sound, might wanna expect something else. But hidden--OK, in plain view of--all the NSFW lines and Game Boy Color references, there's a wee bit of a diss. To whom? There are a couple clues:

Clue #1: The refrain--we'd call it a hook, but y'know: "I look so good, I look so pretty." OK, so it's probably also a "Pretty Boy Swag" reference, but aren't there some other pretty boys out there?

Clue #2: The particularly sighy autotune. But again, maybe that's subtle. Who doesn't use autotune?

Clue #3: The following lines, with their accompanying melodies: "I ain't looked so good since I was 18. Excuse me if I say a couple of things that I don't mean...." No?

Clue-By-Four: "DRAKE. DRAKE. DRAKE. DRAKE." repeated about 100 times.

We're not sure how serious Soulja Boy's being with this--he had kinder words for the Canadian singer/rapper in the past--but we are sure of this: "Conceited" is a lot catchier than it probably should be. Sigh. (Drake.)