Despite knowing better, T-Pain and Chris Brown let a female fan come between them in their new video for "Best Love Song." The duo face off in a battle of the one-man bands on stage, attempting to impress the girl of their dreams by lending their musical talents to the drums, guitar and keyboard. (Apologies if T-Pain is actually playing any of those instruments; we were distracted by his Hannibal Lecter-esque mask—what is it with serial killer videos this week?). Chris Breezy feeds into the crowd by stage diving, which is always a cooler idea in the theory rather than in practice, and manages to escape unscathed. A twisted love triangle ensues, as the screen splits three ways thanks to some nifty lightning bolts (which we are shameless fans of here at Popdust) and the two continue to riff off one another in hopes of winning the heart the one particular female down below—there are so many fish in the sea!—before she saunters by, boyfriend in hand. Whether the guitar playing they both do will result in a Lil Wayne Rebirth-style album for either is unclear. But fellas, let this be a lesson: Bros before hoes. Always.