What must it be like to to go a party at Will Smith's house? If the video for eldest son Trey's (performing as AcE) electro single "Find You Somewhere" is any indication, his family will make you stand around in a dark club and watch them all show off exactly how much more talented they are than you.

"Here, lay some beats for Jaden to rap over," Will would urge, and you would, of course, because you would be thankful just to be included. You'd listen to Jaden freestyle a bit, and try not to think about how the little moppet from The Pursuit of Happyness is now a disconcertingly jacked teenager. "The kid's kind of good, especially for a 14-year-old," you'd think. "But why is he jamming these extra syllables into his lines?"

After that Willow would come out to do some ballet and then sing a little song and you would listen and clap along with everybody else when she was done, wondering exactly how an 11-year-old girl was able to sound exactly like Robyn. Voice lessons? AutoTune? Genetic engineering?

And then Jada Pinkett Smith would dance. When she finished, you would be ushered back into the night, left with only a commemorative EP and the vague feeling of inferiority to remember it by.