Between the stress of traveling all the way from Ohio and performing at Nationals on Tuesday night, the Glee kids deserve a little time to take in the many sights New York City has to offer. In fact, New Directions covers a lot of ground during their trip to the Big Apple, jumping from Lincoln Center to Times Square, Central Park and Washington Square Park during the course of one song. (Which is highly unlikely. Sorry, we're also geography nerds here at Popdust.) But time flies when you're singing an old show tuned mixed with a Madge number, and the group puts their best Midwestern spin on Madonna's "I Love New York," mixing it with the Leonard Bernstein classic "New York, New York" from On The Town. (Although it's worth pointing out that Bernstein's original, vulgar language—ahem, "helluva"—has been replaced with the more family friendly "wonderful." We're still scratching our heads at that one.) The combination of contemporary and classic fits in perfectly considering the group's very own Broadway scholars, Rachel and Kurt, who must feel as if they're making a religious pilgrimage to the Great White Way. The result is pretty much as cute as you can get—we haven't seen this much enthusiasm from the group since Mr. Schuester offered up a free dinner at Breadstix. Watch below as the brightly colored girls do their best Beyoncé impressions atop the steps in Times Square, Santana flirts with a cop in Central Park and Artie manages to take in New York's finest cuisine: street meat.

Along with an Usher cover and two original songs, Tuesday's finale is shaping up to have some memorable musical performances. And a track off the Matthew Morrison album. (Kidding! Sorta.)