The Lonely Island has made it a habit of creating hilarious music videos born to go viral, thanks to their slightly off sense of humor and conveniently-sized celebrity address book. For new video "We'll Kill U," a joyously optimistic track that looks to unify the masses, the trio gives us an even more off-kilter, dry clip focused on offing their enemies. This time around, Andy Samberg (and his snake) are not welcome, as Jorm and Kiv try out various looks of intimidating criminals, from Western cowboys to Al Capone-inspired gangsters. (Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!) Say farewell to the grand, aquatic-themed videos of yore ("I'm On A Boat" and "Jack Sparrow") and embrace the blood-thirsty uniform of ear piercings and ankle socks, as the boys ride around shrugging that, yeah, they'll kill you. What are you going to do about it?

Think you could take these two in a fight? See how intimidating they can be, in the video below:


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