"Sunglasses and Advil?" A woman asks her roommate. "Last night was mad real," explains the roommate. So kicks off Watch the Throne: The Indie Movie, and of course, those words will be familiar to any fan of Jay-Z and Kanye's as a lyric from "No Church in the Wild." The three-minute mini-movie is constructed solely of lyrics from that album, structured to resemble a conversation between three female twenty-something roommates about partying and general lifestyle discrepancies. The end result is something like watching Shakespeare after reading him in high school—you sorta get the gist of what's going on based on the reactions and interactions of the characters, even if you don't necessarily understand how the words they're saying relates.

"Ball so hard motherfuckers gotta fine me," Mad Real Roommate quietly boasts/laments at the end. "That shit cray." Indeed.