Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne closed out in Vancouver, B.C. on Sunday night, capping the 40-song show and 26-city tour with what has become the expected "Ni--as in Paris" encore, performing the fan favorite a record-setting 11 times. Congrats, Canada! Hov and 'Ye sure do love you—maybe more than New York or Chicago? It would have been cool if they switched things up and went with a song not previously featured on the tour—"Girls, Girls, Girls," "Lost In A World"—but they've started a trend, and subsequently, a phenomenon, so the perfectionist in both of them has to finish things out for consistency's sake. Plus, it's hard to tell whether or not any last-minute changes would send Yeezy into a creative tailspin, and Jay's got a tight schedule with a baby to prepare for and all. No. 11 gives way to an eerie quiet, with stray diamonds rising to the sky in time to Jay's partying words. "Vancouver! You've been amazing, motherfucking loud with us tonight." Grand opening, grand closing.

Our generous YouTube filmmaker acknowledges his shaky hand: "I was trying to balance my dancing and recording so it's not the best quality video." Apology accepted! Now that "Paris" has been covered and remixed, a Glee cover ("Sing so hard McKinley jocks wanna slush me") and its use in an Apple commercial are probably next. What? Yes. Watch below.